Tankadere 2 Guidelines

Welcome to the guidelines page! This volume’s theme is Technology Versus Magic. (Actual title pending– possibly Gears in the Aether. We are taking suggestions! I hear that thaumaturgy is a good word.)

This theme is pretty open-ended. Science-fiction, victorian, high fantasy, surrealist, post-apocalyptic, modern day, fairytale- whatever you can imagine, as long as it addresses either technology or magic (although both would be awesome). Submissions should be family-friendly: PG-13 is the highest rating for content that we’re interested in. Mature themes are fine.

The final book size will be 6×9”, and printed in black and white with a color cover. We can handle bleed this year! Page templates will be provided; it’s a different template from last year (it’s got bleed margins on it, and the live area is a little thinner) so please don’t reuse the old one if you have it.

Comic submissions:
Stories must be 4-12 pages in length. Even-numbered page counts are preferred (it makes final layout easier).

Collaborative projects will be allowed up to 16 pages total.  If you are a writer looking for an artist, or an artist looking for a writer, let us know before June 20th and we’ll try to arrange something.

Splash (single page illustration) submissions:
These are single-page illustrations in vertical format. They use the same page template as comics. If you are also submitting a comic, it’s preferable that the splash page does not relate to your story.  We suggest things like dynamic action scenes, slice-of-life snapshots, conceptual illustrations, or pinups. Single illustrations are often most interesting if they tell a story!

The basic synopsis and rough page estimate for the projects are due by June 20th. Send them to tanka at crabtankink dot com. Final comics and splash pages will be due on September 10th, and we’ll give more information and answer any questions over email. There will be a few checkpoints over the summer. Please keep in mind that the proofing and editing process for putting together an anthology like this takes a great deal of time, so timeliness is important.

Printing rights:
We will be asking for exclusive print rights for one year, after which all rights will return to the artist, with non-exclusive reprint rights for the anthology as a whole. All contributors will receive a digital copy and the option to purchase copies of the anthology at production cost. (which should be $5-7 USD depending on length, and we’re looking at a final retail price of $12-15 USD).

We are aiming to have Tankadere 2 in print by March 2012! Conventions lined up for 2012 include Emerald City Comicon and the Stumptown Comics Fest. Fanime, Sakuracon, and Kumoricon will also most likely have Tankadere presence.