Tankadere 3: Now Available!

Hey everyone! We’ve got a lot of news, some of it a bit belated. First of all – Tankadere 3: Daring Dames is available for sale on our webstore! This volume is a beautiful book with top-notch production quality and incredible art both inside and outside, and we’re very proud to present it. This gorgeous collection of shorts has been the level of work we’ve been aiming at for Crab Tank from the start, so if you’ve been waiting to pick up a volume, I can say without reservation that you should check this one out.

That said, Tankadere 3 went to press with an error; the last page of Rachel Boyes’s story did not make it in to the final print version. While the story works without the page, we talked with the artist and agreed that the story should be posted in full online with the missing page for everyone’s enjoyment. All subsequent editions (which will be digital) will include the missing page.

The full story can be found here (or click on the image to proceed):

Raised By Owls!

Crab Tank will also be at Sakuracon in Seattle and Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland!