Tankadere 3 + shipping updates

Hello all! Just thought I’d update quickly to get that stagnant blog smell off the front page.

Tankadere vol. 3 (full title pending, themed around powerful and active female characters) is coming along excellently, and we have a range of stories lined up, from epic space opera to RPG-based fantasy to nervewracking suburban drama. If you’re just now arriving, we are still open to submissions! The deadline for completed comics submissions is September 10th. The full guidelines can be found here.

We have a few shows lined up for the 2013 season (The two main ones Emerald City Comic Con and Stumptown, shockingly enough!) and are looking at a few more. We’ll let you know when that happens.

The other news is that we’re going to be relocating temporarily for the summer, so from July 6th-30th Crab Tank will be unable to ship any orders. The online store will be closed during that time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Tankadere 3 Update

Just a quick reminder that Tankadere 3 pitches are due! We’ve gotten fantastic work in so far. Thank you, everyone who’s submitted! And if you haven’t yet– don’t worry, there’s still time. The guidelines can be found here.

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Stumptown Comics!

Crab Tank will be at Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend (April 28-29th) and we hope to see you there! Our booth can be found at C-8.

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Art from ECCC

watercolor crabtank

Check out this totally badass watercolor crabtank that Sunny Shah painted up for us at Emerald City Comic Con! He and the other Canadians at Lion Fish Republic were awesome!


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ECCC con report + Tankadere 3

Man, Emerald City was amazing. It was our first time ever participating as a vendor, and I have to say, it was the best experience I’ve had at a con yet. We’ll definitely be back next year! More con report tidbits to follow.

In short upcoming news, check out our new submissions guidelines for Tankadere Volume 3! More on this later.

– Mel

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Tankadere II Available Now!

Tankadere 2: Gears in the Aether


We just got our shipment in from the printers and are happy to announce the release of Tankadere Volume II: Gears in the Aether ! 150 pages of black and white original comics deliciousness– that’s 15 stories packed with adventure, magic, and science!

See you at Emerald City Comicon!

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What We’re Reading: Hinges

HingesHinges is a fairly new webcomic by Meredith McClaren about a girl who wakes in a strange world of marionettes. The art flows smoothly between an angular cut-out style and a looser shaded ink style, both lovely and atmospheric. The mystery of the world, the doll-people that inhabit it, and their adorable animal-like familiars promises to unfold in a quiet and atmospheric way.

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What We’re Reading: Sabertooth Vampire

Mike Russell chronicles the hilariously tragic slightly strange adventures of the elusive, unfortunate, and often befuddled Sabertooth Vampire. Melanie and I were first introduced to the Sabertooth Vampire as the closing act of Comics Underground, the dialogue-less strips set to music, and we were immediately hooked.

The comic is archived on his blog or available for sale at http://culturepulp.bigcartel.com/ — the zine editions are lovely  (rounded corners! crisp blacks! impeccable timing!), easy to browse, and come highly recommended.

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Tankadere 2 cover reveal!

Ta-da! This gorgeous wraparound cover was painted by Edgar Covarrubias, illustrator and comics artist. Covarrubias is one of the contributors to Tankadere Vol. I, and in addition to the cover he has a charming and lively story in the upcoming Tankadere II: Gears in the Aether!

Further art by Covarrubias can be found on his deviantart account.

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Open for Submissions: Power Drive A

This is not a Crab Tank publication, but it’s one that we’re totally psyched about. Indie comics and shonen manga superhero Audrey Morris is organizing an anthology of shonen manga and sentai inspired original tribute comics called Power Drive A. This is for all of you Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, GaoGaiGar, Kikaida, Gundam, giant robot or no-limits  crimefighting spandex superhero team fans. Comics are due in on March 25th, details on her website!

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