Tankadere 2014!

Happy New Year everyone, and my apologies for the extended silence. In the past few months we’ve been busy!

A short comic called The Discovery has been released, with art by longtime contributor Sean P. Corwin and writing by Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein. It is currently only available at conventions.

Tankadere 4’s release date has been moved back from Spring 2014 to Summer 2014 for various reasons, the main one being that we are dedicated to publishing the best anthology that we possibly can. Many fantastic stories and artists are lined up for this volume already, so trust me when I say it is going to be fantastic! If you’re interested in contributing, there’s still time, so feel free to shoot a line to us at tanka at crabtankink dot com before the end of February.

We’ve also got a chapbook by the internationally published fantasy author Kate Elliott up in our store, a illustrated epilogue to her Spiritwalker trilogy called The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal, with art by the mega-talented painter Julie Dillon.

Our current confirmed convention lineup for 2014 is:
Emerald City Comicon, March 28th-30th
Jet City Comic Show, Nov. 8th

Tankadere Volume 4 is now open for submissions!

The guidelines can be found here, but I’ve also reposted them below for easy access!

This year, we’re looking for spooky and scary stories; ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night. Think “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” and “Goosebumps,” horror high on atmosphere and low on gore, because we’re still aiming for a kid-friendly book. Bring on the monsters, werewolves, vampires, urban legends, unexplained mysteries, haunted houses, creepy autobiography, even the totally mundane as long as it leaves us with a chill.

For the most part, we’re not interested in zombie stories; the field is currently flooded with them.

Submissions should be family friendly: try to keep the content rating PG. Light PG-13 is fine, but that should entail discussion of mature themes, not gore, violence, sex, or swearing.

We highly recommend that you go over your plot with us before you get too far in. We reserve the right to refuse any submission.

The final book size will be 6×9”, printed in black and white with a color cover. Halftones and screentones are absolutely not accepted. If you use graytones, keep it in flat blocks, or use digital shading. We may be able to do darker inkwashes, but light grays will not reproduce well. If in doubt, send a print-resolution sample to us. We are using a different template from last year so please don’t reuse the old one if you have it. Your art must be black and white only, 600 dpi, and preferably sent as flattened tiff files.

The page template (in tiff format) can be found for download here.

Comic submissions:
Stories must be 4-12 pages in length. Even-numbered page counts are preferred (it makes final layout easier). For Tankadere, we are looking for stand-alone short stories. This not the place for a project pitch or a chapter from a longer work. Each entry should stand entirely alone.

Collaborative projects will be allowed up to 16 pages total. If you are a writer looking for an artist, or an artist looking for a writer, let us know before June 20th and we’ll try to arrange something.

Along with the finished submission, we will also need a 1 x 1″ bio picture (black and white drawing of the artist) at 600 dpi, and a 30 words or less biography, including any contact info to be listed in the book (website, email, etc).

Submit files to tanka at crabtankink dot com through file sharing sites such as ge.tt or sendspace.

Splash (single page illustration) submissions:
These are single-page illustrations in vertical format. They use the same page template as comics. If you are also submitting a comic, it’s preferable that the splash page does not relate to your story. We suggest things like dynamic action scenes, slice-of-life snapshots, conceptual illustrations, or pinups. Single illustrations are often most interesting if they tell a story!

Send all submissions materials to tanka at crabtankink dot com. Final comics and splash pages will be due on September 20th 2013, and we’ll give more information and answer any questions over email. There will be a few checkpoints over the summer. Please keep in mind that the proofing and editing process for putting together an anthology like this takes a great deal of time, so timeliness is important.

Printing rights:
Should we accept your submission, we will be asking for exclusive print rights for one year, after which all rights will return to the artist, with non-exclusive reprint rights for the anthology as a whole. All contributors will receive a digital copy and the option to purchase copies of the anthology at production cost. (which should be $5-7 USD depending on length, and we’re looking at a final retail price of $15 USD).

By submitting your art to us, you acknowledge and agree to these conditions.

We are aiming to have Tankadere 4 in print by March 2014! Conventions lined up for 2014 include Emerald City Comicon and the Kumoricon. Rose City Comic Con, GeekGirlCon and Stumptown Comics Fest will also most likely have Tankadere presence.

Tankadere 3: Now Available!

Hey everyone! We’ve got a lot of news, some of it a bit belated. First of all – Tankadere 3: Daring Dames is available for sale on our webstore! This volume is a beautiful book with top-notch production quality and incredible art both inside and outside, and we’re very proud to present it. This gorgeous collection of shorts has been the level of work we’ve been aiming at for Crab Tank from the start, so if you’ve been waiting to pick up a volume, I can say without reservation that you should check this one out.

That said, Tankadere 3 went to press with an error; the last page of Rachel Boyes’s story did not make it in to the final print version. While the story works without the page, we talked with the artist and agreed that the story should be posted in full online with the missing page for everyone’s enjoyment. All subsequent editions (which will be digital) will include the missing page.

The full story can be found here (or click on the image to proceed):

Raised By Owls!

Crab Tank will also be at Sakuracon in Seattle and Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland!

Tankadere 3: Progress Report!

Hi all! Sorry about the long hiatus, but rest assured, we have not gone anywhere! As I write this, Tankadere 3 is at the printers, and will, barring any printing mishaps or acts of god, be ready for release at Emerald City Comicon! This is looking like our finest volume yet, with 152 pages of comics and illustrations from a range of international artists, all around the theme of female protagonists! I can’t show you the interiors yet, but I can reveal the cover:

Tankadere 3 Cover Preview!
Tankadere 3 Cover Preview!

Stunning! Robin Robinson contributed the cover this time, and it is gorgeous.

See you at ECCC!

Kumoricon and Tanka 3 Deadline Update!

Crab Tank is back- from a sudden Kumoricon Artist Alley run! Thanks to everyone who came out and to all our artist alley-mates; it was great to see you again.

We’d also like to note that there has been a minor deadline date extension for Tankadere 3 to Sept. 20th. If you’re interested in being a part of Tankadere 3, all submissions materials are due in to us by then! That’s finished pages (or stand-alone illustrations), a 1 inch x 1 inch drawn icon of the artist, and 50 words or less of artist biography. In the bio, we would like up to two pieces of contact info (i.e.: your tumblr, email, website, etc).

Again, the final deadline is September 20th, 2012. Send all submissions materials to tanka at crabtankink dot com.

Visibility: The Blog Tour!

Hey, everyone! Our friends over at RainTown Press are holding a blog tour to celebrate and promote the digital release of YA superhero novel Visibility, and invited Crab Tank to be a stop on the tour! I first read Visibility back when it first came out in paperback, illustrated, from the now sadly defunct Bowler Hat Comics, and it is a fun, quick read.

For more information about Visibility, including an exclusive peek into the editorial process, behind-the-scenes on cover design, and an authorial interview, check out the RainTown Blog and Visibility Blog Tour page– in fact, I hear rumor that if you visit all of the sites and fill out a survey, you may be eligible to win a $50 dollar gift card to an indie bookstore of your choice! I don’t know about you, but I’m a fairly rabid avid book collector, so that sounds pretty sweet to me.

And now, without further ado, the part of the post the blog tour-ees have been waiting for, the one, the only, the Super Survey!

1. What is your super power?

Psychically commanding a swarming army of tiny robotic insects! But the cute kind, not, like, the gross kind. You know, more akin to ladybugs than ants. Colorful, adorable mechanical beetles.

2. Have you told anyone about it?

Anyone who will listen, really. I mean, come on. It’s awesome. Why wouldn’t I tell everyone?

3. Have you chosen to use it for good, or evil?

Uh, mostly I use it for fetching sandwiches and stuff. There aren’t all that many practical applications, and storing them is kind of a pain. I use a bucket in my closet, but sometimes they get antsy (no pun intended!) and spill out and then get in my housemate’s mattress and stuff. If you’re reading this, I’m really sorry about that, Amy. I swear it won’t happen again.

4. Have you had any super power–related instances at school?

Well, there was that time I was trying to retrieve something I dropped out of the drain at the art studio in school, but they got stuck and then clogged the sink, but I totally fixed that. I mean, the plumber did. But don’t worry, the bugs all survived! They’re mostly waterproof.

5. Spandex, or no spandex?

NO WAY. I’m more of a heavy armor kind of woman. Think Iron Man or the Rocketeer, except without jets or lasers or a cool helmet or uh… yeah. But other than that. GO FORTH, MY TINY ROBOTIC MINIONS!