Visibility: The Blog Tour!

Hey, everyone! Our friends over at RainTown Press are holding a blog tour to celebrate and promote the digital release of YA superhero novel Visibility, and invited Crab Tank to be a stop on the tour! I first read Visibility back when it first came out in paperback, illustrated, from the now sadly defunct Bowler Hat Comics, and it is a fun, quick read.

For more information about Visibility, including an exclusive peek into the editorial process, behind-the-scenes on cover design, and an authorial interview, check out the RainTown Blog and Visibility Blog Tour page– in fact, I hear rumor that if you visit all of the sites and fill out a survey, you may be eligible to win a $50 dollar gift card to an indie bookstore of your choice! I don’t know about you, but I’m a fairly rabid avid book collector, so that sounds pretty sweet to me.

And now, without further ado, the part of the post the blog tour-ees have been waiting for, the one, the only, the Super Survey!

1. What is your super power?

Psychically commanding a swarming army of tiny robotic insects! But the cute kind, not, like, the gross kind. You know, more akin to ladybugs than ants. Colorful, adorable mechanical beetles.

2. Have you told anyone about it?

Anyone who will listen, really. I mean, come on. It’s awesome. Why wouldn’t I tell everyone?

3. Have you chosen to use it for good, or evil?

Uh, mostly I use it for fetching sandwiches and stuff. There aren’t all that many practical applications, and storing them is kind of a pain. I use a bucket in my closet, but sometimes they get antsy (no pun intended!) and spill out and then get in my housemate’s mattress and stuff. If you’re reading this, I’m really sorry about that, Amy. I swear it won’t happen again.

4. Have you had any super power–related instances at school?

Well, there was that time I was trying to retrieve something I dropped out of the drain at the art studio in school, but they got stuck and then clogged the sink, but I totally fixed that. I mean, the plumber did. But don’t worry, the bugs all survived! They’re mostly waterproof.

5. Spandex, or no spandex?

NO WAY. I’m more of a heavy armor kind of woman. Think Iron Man or the Rocketeer, except without jets or lasers or a cool helmet or uh… yeah. But other than that. GO FORTH, MY TINY ROBOTIC MINIONS!


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