Open for Submissions: Power Drive A

This is not a Crab Tank publication, but it’s one that we’re totally psyched about. Indie comics and shonen manga superhero Audrey Morris is organizing an anthology of shonen manga and sentai inspired original tribute comics called Power Drive A. This is for all of you Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, GaoGaiGar, Kikaida, Gundam, giant robot or no-limits  crimefighting spandex superhero team fans. Comics are due in on March 25th, details on her website!

What We’re Reading: Outfoxed

Outfoxed by Dylan Meconis

Fantastic comicker Dylan Meconis, from Portland Oregon’s very own Periscope Studio and the (for mature audiences) webcomic Family Man, recently did a web short, Outfoxed, about a laundress’s run-in with a wild fox. The tone starts out panicked, segues into funny, and then ends on a completely different note altogether- which is why you should read it.

What We’re Reading: Sarah and the Seed

Sarah and the Seed by Ryan Andrews

Lately I’ve been following the very sweet and very chilling online comic Sarah and the Seed by Ryan Andrews. The art is gorgeous, the voice is spot on, and the story is beautiful, adorable, and deeply creepy by turns, a neat trick to pull off and one completely supported by the online format. I was hooked by the first set and can’t wait for the next (and final?!) installment.

Sarah and the Seed can be read at Ryan’s website — he has other online comics up which are also well worth checking out.