Re: Tankadere Preorders

The books are starting to trickle in, and we’re sending out preorders as they arrive. We’re looking to get them all out by NEXT WEEK! Aw yeah. A big thank you to everyone who preordered, and to all of our wonderful artists. I’ve (finally – sorry about the wait) updated Tankadere’s page with a full list of contributing artists. Check it out!

I’d also like to remind everyone that when the book comes out officially the price will be raised to $10, so save $2 and order this weekend! Monday is the last day preorders will be available.

– Rhiannon

Stumptown/Sakuracon 2011 Wrap Up!

Crab Tank had an awesome time at our debut at Stumptown Comics Fest!

We’d like to make a shout-out to our friends over at Periscope Studio, Barry Deutsch (writer and illustrator of the excellent comic Hereville) our cornermates and amazing vector artists Coin-Op and Will Redwood, and a bunch of great and very inspiring small presses from the Pacific Northwest including Tugboat, Bowler Hat, Cloudscape, and the matter! We’d also like to welcome Ainsley Yeager to the Crab Tank team as our production designer.


A week after that, it was time to hustle off to our second convention. This year was ALSO our first time selling at Sakuracon in Seattle, our biggest convention yet! We had a blast with our awesome return tablemate Kayla and her friend Katie, who hand-crocheted a bunch of sweet Pokeballs.

As a final note, I’d like to give a big thanks to all those who preordered Tankadere!  Look to see new things in our store sometime in the next two weeks.

Now, please excuse me while I crawl off to bed. <3

– Rhiannon

Tankadere Volume 1 On Its Way!

We’re at Stumptown Comics Fest right now, and it’s been awesome! Still one day to go, but I wanted to say that we got the final proofs in and approved today, so we will have finished copies of Tankadere Volume 1 in hand and ready to ship by the end of the month! WOO! Con roundup coming later this week– and we’ve got some exclusive art and previews lined up for the site, too.

Equally exciting: our shoujo adventure comic KISS FROM A ROSE is now live in the shop!

– Rhiannon

Our shop is now live!

Good news! We’ve got our online store up and running. It’s all preorders (for Tankadere Vol. 1) and “coming soon” (Kiss from a Rose) at the moment, but the shop will be actively added to throughout the month. Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping you posted. Unfortunately, due to the cramped convention schedule this month, orders will not be able to be filled until after Sakuracon. After April 24th it’ll be smooth sailing.

– Rhiannon